Michel Dumas

Chicago goaltender Michel Dumas recorded a shutout in his first NHL game despite playing only one minute of action!

Dumas was summoned from the minor leagues to back up Tony Esposito for Chicago's game against the Atlanta Flames on February 23rd, 1975. The Hawks, with Tony O in net, held a firm 4-0 lead when Esposito's glove developed a tear. In those days referees didn't allow stoppages for such equipment repairs. The back up goaltender had to come in.

So Dumas went in, for about a minute, and then returned to the bench when Esposito's glove was mended. But because Dumas played that one minute, he shared a shutout with Esposito in Dumas' very first NHL game!

Dumas was a minor league standout who never got a chance to fulfill his potential in the NHL. He suffered a career ending eye injury in 1976. He played in only 8 NHL games in his career.


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