Al Dewsbury

The Chicago Blackhawks were not a very good team in the 1950s. They were so bad that the NHL invoked a couple of reinforcement plans, having teams send players to Chicago to prop them up.

Al "Dews" Dewsbury, pictured to the right, was part of such a plan. On July 13th, 1950 Detroit traded Dewsbury along with Harry Lumley, Jack Stewart, Don Morrison and Pete Babando for Jim Henry, Bob Goldham, Gaye Stewart and Metro Prystai. Dewsbury was still basically just a farmhand in Detroit at the time, though he did play 4 playoff games in the spring of 1950, helping the Red Wings win the Stanley Cup.

The move to Chicago was a good one for Dewsbury, as he gained regular NHL employment in Chicago over the next 4 and a half seasons. The big, 6'2" 200lb blueliner totalled 357 NHL games, scoring 30 goals, 78 assists and 108 points. He was a notable physical and intimidating defender. He had 365 PIMs in his career.

Al Dewsbury will go down in history as a forgotten NHLer from hockey's glory days. Hopefully has played a small role in preserving his memory.


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