Art Somers

This is Art Somers. Note the old school sweater of the Chicago Black Hawks, with all the striping on top.

Somers played with the Hawks from 1929 through 1931. The Winnipeg native was a junior star (winning the Memorial Cup with the Winnipeg Falcons in 1921) and senior star with the Winnipeg Maroons (competing for Allan Cup in 1923) for many seasons before being discovered by the pros. After one season with the Vancouver Lions of the PCHL, it was off to Chicago.

After helping the Hawks reach the Stanley Cup final in 1931, Somers was off to New York to play for the Broadway Blue Shirts. He played four seasons with the Rangers, although he essentially missed the 1933-34 season. A fractured jaw became infected and left Somers in grave condition. He was confined to a hospital room for a couple of weeks. His wife helped him pass the time "by consistently beating him at checkers."

Somers made a full come back the following season, playing in 41 games. But after going goalless with 5 assists, he gave up on the NHL. He headed to Moose Jaw to play and later coach senior hockey.

In 222 NHL games Art Somers scored 33 goals and 56 assists for 89 points. He added 1 goal and 6 points in 30 Stanley Cup playoff games, most of which came with the Rangers in 1933.


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