Clem Loughlin

Clem Loughlin never had probably never planned on playing in the NHL, so his arrival in the league must have surprised him.

The Carroll, Manitoba native played 6 seasons of senior hockey in Winnipeg before heading west armed with a contract from the Portland Rosebuds of the PCHA. Loughlin moved to Victoria, BC after just two seasons as the 'Buds folded. Louglin would be a standout defenseman with Victoria for 8 strong seasons.

Clem Loughlin, at the age of 32, debuted the next season in the NHL. The Detroit Cougars (later named the Red Wings) purchased the entire Victoria Cougars hockey club and all its player contracts, forcing Loughlin to move to the Motor City. Loughlin was a key player in the first season with Detroit, scoring 7 goals and 10 points in 34 games, a solid contribution for a defenseman.

Loughlin was moved to the Chicago Blackhawks in exchange for cash in 1928. Loughlin, who by this point was starting to show his age, had slowed down considerably. He scored only 1 assist in 24 games with the Hawks, and finished the season in the minors.

Clem Loughlin signed as a free agent with the Toronto Maple Leafs in 1929 only to have the Leafs trade him to London of the IAHL on the very same day. Loughlin finished his long career with London before turning to coaching. He even made it back to the NHL as a coach, guiding the Chicago Black Hawks for three seasons from 1934 through 1937.

At 5'11" and 180lbs, Loughlin's best years were with Victoria in the PCHA. He was a 4 time PCHA all star.

Clem spent his off-seasons and retirement in Viking, Alberta where he was first a rancher and later a hotelier. He stayed active in the local youth hockey scene. All six of the Sutter brothers who made it to the NHL will attest to Loughlin's contribution to hockey in Viking.

Clem passed away on February 8th, 1977.


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