Pistol Pete Horeck

Pistol Pete Horeck played in 426 NHL games with Detroit, Boston and Chicago in the 1940s and 1950s.

Pete was born in Massey, Ontario on June 15th, 1923. He was the son of shoemaker, and was one of 8 boys in the family. Obviously that was a perfect set up for a very competitive household, especially when it came to their favorite game - hockey. Brothers John and Danny were quite the players, but it was Pete who was destined for hockey greatness.

Horeck would leave home for Parry Sound. Armed with his first pair of new skates courtesy of the local train conductor, he joined the Parry Sound Shamrocks and played with another promising youngster named Doug Orr. You probably have heard of his son Bobby.

Both were recruited by the Boston Bruins, although Orr did not sign as he opted for service in World War II instead. Horeck did turn pro, and after a few seasons in the minor leagues, he became a NHL regular for 10 years of Original Six hockey.

Horeck got his first shot at the big leagues with Chicago, who acquired him from the AHL's Cleveland Barons to replace departed star Doug Bentley. Horeck would put up back to back 20 goal seasons (in 50 game schedules) before being traded to Detroit late in 1946. He played three seasons with the Wings, two more with the Bruins and a final season back in Chicago, but never saw the 20 goal mark again. He did score 106 goals and 224 points in his NHL career.

He would play senior hockey for almost another decade after leaving the NHL, eventually settling in the Sudbury area.

Horeck died in the summer of 2009 after a long and courageous battle with prostate cancer.


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