Reg Bentley

Max Bentley is a Hall of Famer and 3 time Stanley Cup Champion. His Brother Doug Bentley is also a Hall of Famer and former NHL scoring leader. Reg Bentley was the third Bentley brother from Delisle Saskatchewan to play in the NHL. However unlike his Hall of Fame brothers, Reg played in only 11 NHL games.

Reggie's 11 games all came during the 1942-43 season. The first time three brothers were linemates in a game was on January 1, 1943, when Chicago coach Paul Thompson sent Max, Doug, and Reg out as a unit against the Rangers. Two days later Reg scored his only NHL goal, with his brothers drawing each of the assists.

Reg, who was the oldest of the three, played a lot of Senior hockey in Alberta and Saskatchewan before turning pro in the AHA with the Kansas City Americans in 1941. Reg would play two seasons with Max in Calgary as both were stationed there during the Second World War. Following the war, Reg played with the New Westminister Royals (PCHL) and the Saskatoon Quakers (WCSHL) before hanging up the skates on his largely semi-pro career.

Happy Day Reg!

One of the funniest stories involving the lesser known Bentley brother happened in 1951. Former Leaf defenseman and coach Hap Day was in Saskatoon on a scouting trip. Day recognized Bentley and during the pre-game warm up said "Hi Reg!" However Reg was puzzled as to who the man was. Day then told him his name. "Happy Day!" he said. Reg answered "Thanks, and same to you." before skating away.

There you have it. Reg Bentley - really polite guy.


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